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Heidi Light is a transformational counselor, medical intuitive and the author of Ethics in Energy Medicine. In this episode, Lacey Haynes and host Eryn talk about how to get into your body, turning yourself back on to life, being feminine on your own terms, honoring cycles and allowing the seasons of our lives to really happen, the initiation of her free birth, connecting with your power, intimacy as a practice, presence in sex, pussy gazing, coming into wholeness, working with shame around sexuality, and how to create sustained sensuality.

Dana Balicki is a transformational coach. In this episode, we talked about burnout, ending ancestral and past life cycles with mindset work, relationships as mirrors, working with our triggers to help us understand ourselves better, feeling truth in the body, working with your growing edge, slowing down so we can feel ourselves, being seen and heard, accessing guidance in the subtle body layers, unpacking trust, limiting beliefs we all share as humans, and being in touch with the wonder and magic of life.

In this episode, I talk about embodying your full spectrum and what to do when your family doesn't accept your beliefs. In this episode, your host Eryn dives into the medicine of Scorpio season with a collective tarot reading. This is the energy of depth and transformation, and in Scorpio season we're all ushered into this portal.

Download your free 8-minute breathwork meditation for your spiritual practice. In this episode, Philly-based witch and healing artist Eryn Johnson shares how she works with the moon and how to work with the moon throughout an entire lunar cycle. She breaks down each major moon phase including the new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, and dark moon. Josephine Hardman is an intuitive healer and Akashic Records reader. Josephine and Eryn talk about reclaiming the divine feminine within ourselves and our divine essence, healing the wounded inner child, working with the Akashic Records for healing, understanding soul contracts with the Akashic Records, connecting with how you receive information, personal healing stories from the Akashic Records, the emotional pain body, and the importance of playfulness and allowing ourselves to be messy.

Jessie Susannah, Money Witch, brings capitalism-critical, shame-free education to healers and creatives in order to catalyze change in their financial lives. In this episode, we talk about her journey with money, blocks around money, money shame, redefining your financial experience, resisting financial success because we want to resist capitalism, guilt around making money for healing work, accessibility and sliding scale, energetic influence, small spells with money, allowing resources to flow.

In this episode, your host Eryn dives into the medicine of Libra season with a collective tarot reading and shares some simple fall equinox rituals. We talk about tarot and astrology as tools to reflect the self back to you, Virgo energy, synastry, what the birth chart is, all about progressed charts , the planetary rulers of Virgo including Ceres, the spiritual side of Virgo, the 6th house, Saturn as the structure of our story, and upgrading the language of astrology.

In this episode, your host Eryn Johnson dives into the medicine of Virgo season with a collective tarot reading. Order your Virgo season tarot reading.

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Domonique Echeverria is a healer and artist. Blog for this episode: www. In this episode, we talk about shifting from an extractive mindset when it comes to plant medicine, how to start fostering a relationship with plants, how to connect with plant spirit medicine, the medicine of poison plants, her personal magical practice, internalized shame around witchcraft, weaving magic throughout your life, and working with plants ethically.

Willow Rising is an energy worker and human design genius! In this episode, your host Eryn Johnson shares all about her witchcraft practice, what it means to her to be a witch, and her spellwork practice. She shares the framework for casting spells and walks you through exactly what you need to know to cast spells for yourself. In this episode, your host Eryn Johnson dives into the medicine of Leo season with a collective tarot reading.

In this episode, Madre and host Eryn Johnson talk about her journey, her experience with Reiki opening her channel, how she got started doing healing work, being seen and trusting yourself, the role of community in her life, how she came into the name Madre Jaguar, shamanic healing, throat chakra healing, her work activating people, getting embodied, and her creative practice.

In this episode, host Eryn Johnson talks about the energy of Cancer season and does a collective tarot reading to give us insight into the energy and invitations of this season. In this week's episode, your host Eryn Johnson answers listener questions on: challenges in working for yourself as a facilitator of healing, recommended magical books, how distance healing works, how I started the podcast, my tarot journey, my relationship with my spirit guides, my advice for moving through and holding space for fraudy feelings, what my first clients looked like, where I get cupping done for Philly folks!

Venessa Rodriguez is a functional nutritionist, intuitive nourishment guide, host of the Feed Your Wild Podcast, and an Akashic Records reader. We talk about what the Akashic Records are and how they work, my experience accessing my own records, starting to work with the Akashic Records, how she works with the Akashic Records for health, what she's in process with right now, returning to a more ancient way of being, wildness, and deprogramming our work addiction and limiting beliefs around work.

In this episode, host Eryn Johnson talks about the energy of Gemini season and does a collective tarot reading to give us insight into the energy and invitations of this season. The Cups in the tarot's minor arcana connect us to our intuition, our feelings, the psychic realm, and our inner world. Sarah Chappell is your witchy business coach as well as a tarot reader, tarot teacher and maker of herbal medicine.

In this episode, Sarah and Eryn talk about Sarah's journey of getting sober and starting her own business, the connection between sobriety and intuition, how to decide when it's time to monetize, doing multiple things in your business versus honing in on one thing, the things she often sees tarot readers struggling with, honoring your energetic capacity, and a lot about money beliefs!

In this episode, host Eryn Johnson talks about the energy of Taurus season and does a collective tarot reading to give us insight into the energy and invitations of this season. Ev'Yan Whitney is a sexuality doula, sex educator, witch with a curiosity in Afro-indigenous spiritual practice and ancestral worship. Ev'Yan and host Eryn talk all things sexual liberation including questions to ask yourself to unpack shame around sex and sexuality, unpacking "shoulds" in sexuality, coming home to your sexual self in a way that feels authentic, her journey with discovering her queer identity, what we're in process with around sexual liberation, consent, and her spiritual practice.

In this episode, host Eryn Johnson dives into each of the 7 traditional chakras as portals for shadow work. You'll learn what each chakra means, what we hold there, and what questions to ask yourself to dig into the roots of blockages.

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Claire Gallagher is the body astrologer. In this episode, I talk about why I think inner child work is so important and where I see invitations to inner child work in the tarot. I also share a tarot spread for inner child healing and a meditation for inner child healing! Access zines including the Pisces season zine!

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Rachel Howe of Small Spells and Eryn Johnson talk about the energetic foundation of Rachel's work, why they love Reiki, the connection between creativity and spiritual practice, how creating her tarot deck shifted her relationship with the tarot, connecting your own authority to what you learn, connecting to your intuition, the transition from Pisces to Aries and Aries energy, Uranus shifting from Aries into Taurus, and working with your thoughts as tools and not letting them control you. In this episode of the Living Open podcast from Eryn Johnson, we explore creative practice, creativity as spiritual practice, creativity in the tarot, and tarot allies for creativity.

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Energy worker Ashley Stinson joins Eryn Johnson to talk energy archaeology. We talk about the mind-body-energy connection, energy archaeology, the 4 categories of bones and what they do, all things Earth Star chakra, past lives and ancestral trauma in the bones, personal and collective healing work on an energetic level, the different Earth Star grids we connect with, grounding, creating containers for energy work, fire energy, stepping into her power as a facilitator of energy and healing, and more. In this episode we talk about the stories we tell ourselves, navigating being sensitive in the world, growing out of bad relationships as empaths, the difference between ego and intuition, the different voices in our heads and how to differentiate between them, family as the final frontier, how to feel intuition in your body, empath burnout, and she leads us through her stop drop n roll intuition exercise!

Naomi Love is a shamanic practitioner, womb healer, herbalist, and more. In this episode, I share about all things sacral chakra. What the sacral chakra is, how to work with the sacral chakra, and the sacral chakra correspondences in the elements, astrology, and the tarot.

Elise Entzenberger of La Mystica Tarot is a writer, artist, and tarot reader who helps psychospiritual practitioners deprogram their fear and blocks to step into their power and voice. In this episode, I share a few words about the winter solstice which is tomorrow, December 21st!

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Winter Solstice Rituals. We talk about her work healing personal trauma, how to choose teachers to work with, decolonizing your healing practice including shame that can come up around this, resistance to looking at the shadow side, 13th Octave LaHoChi, her relationship with the tarot, deprogramming needing to be strong and tough, and more. If you ever feel like a fraud or experience imposter syndrome, this episode is for you. It includes tarot allies for feeling like a fraud, practical tips for working with this particular contraction, and collective medicine for feeling like a fraud.

Raechel Anne Jolie is an educator, writer, activist, and a queer femme witch. Her work focuses on social movements, prison abolition, media, liberation magic, and she was selected as a witch-in-residency at The Future where she will be creating The Prison Arcana Tarot zine in collaboration with her incarcerated pen-pal, Krazybwoy. In this episode, we talk about the Prison Arcana Tarot Zine and the relationship between prison abolition and magic as well as her personal journey to witchcraft.

We discuss how her relationship with the tarot has shifted from reading for other people, making your own magic, people pleasing, not giving away your power, her writing practice, her relationship with change, and a whole bunch of different cards including the Wheel of Fortune, Death, the High Priestess and 7 of Wands. In this episode, I explore the medicine of the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is mutable water, Pisces in the court cards of the tarot. This archetype brings its own unique medicine around our internal landscape, subconscious, psychic abilities, and feelings.

TW: sexual trauma, rape. In this episode, I share 12 ways to release negative energy from your body.

In the photo below the guy seated with the shotgun - playing bride's father, was my late partner for over 30 years , the lady seated in the role of bride's mother is my mother. I am in the crowd - behind and between the top hat of the rather elderly groom and a girl wearing a striped jacket. One evening I must have noticed the setting Sun in just the right place for this:.

Posted by Twilight at Monday, December 02, And you, seriously, haven't changed a bit! Great shot of the lamp, that took some patience! XO WWW. Mother Shipton maybe knew Agnes Nutter. Good to know you're feeling well enough to traipse boxes in the frigid garage. Finding or refinding forgotten mementos from the past can seem surreal, connecting their importance for that specific time period to the present, so many years later and seemingly so out of context. Post a Comment.

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