Amala yoga in vedic astrology

The navamsa lord of the 4th lord is combust and aspected by the 12th lord. One's mind is always distressed, and one is disagreeable, having no beauty or grace.

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Crafty, filthy, and quarrelsome, one lives on alms. Full of envy and rage, one reviles gods and Brahmans and is berated daily by his wife, sons, and entire family. Evil-minded, one will be given to bad ways, be ill off, and intent on injuring and abusing their relatives. One will have ugly or diseased nails, be short-lived, and beg all around. One may also be a mute, cripple, blind, deaf or insane.

One's thoughts may be betrayed by the change in their eyes.

Reka means low in the sense of negative or minus. This yoga, therefore, gives negativities and take away the desired in life. Often these yogas indicate a native who does not succeed in something important that they hope to do, or upon doing so they do not receive the expected happiness. A planet, not including the Moon, Rahu or Ketu, in the 12th from the Sun. He is endowed with fame, learning, strength, and a good memory. He will have a strong physique around the waist.

Malefics forming this yoga will give contrary effects. Planets forming Vosi Yoga rise before the Sun; therefore, these planets are those with which the native initiates the experiences in their life. These are potentially the most activating and initializing planets in the horoscope. The traits of these planets will be very noticeable in the native upon first impression.

Generally benefics forming Vosi Yoga are favored. Classical texts give very different results to benefics vs. Benefics forming Vosi Yoga indicate that the native initiates their life in a well to do fashion, which includes kindness, fairness, balance, etc. The first impression of the native will be a good one in accordance with the nature of the benefic.

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Benefics forming Vosi Yoga, which are debilitated in the rasi or the navamsa, will, however, indicate problematic and imbalanced character qualities in accordance with the nature of the benefic, which reduce the native's capacity to initiate the things they want in their lives. Any other yogas these debilitated planets are taking part in will, however, still become more powerful due to their taking part in the Solar Yoga.

Mercury forming Vosi Yoga by being in the 12th from the Sun indicates that the native is thoughtful, fair and practical with regards to that which they initiate in life, and upon first impression.

Amala Yoga in Vedic Astrology

A planet, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 12th from the Moon. One is calm in disposition, enjoying pleasures of the senses and peace of mind. One will have political wisdom, moral training, know many sastras, be steadfast, honored, and have enormous wealth. He will possess a beautiful body and be capable of attracting the fairer sex. Planets in the 12th from the Moon indicate the conditioning and attitude with which the native meets life's experiences.

26 Most Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Both Benefic And Malefic)

Unlike the similar Solar Yogas, classical texts give generally good effects to benefics or malefics forming Anapha Yoga and the other similar Lunar Yogas; they do however give different effects due to the different planets forming Anapha Yoga:. Saturn"One is virtuous, long armed, broad shouldered, meritorious, possessed of numerous cattle and similar possessions. He is a leader and his words carry weight and are accepted. He is yoked to a bad woman. This creates a tendency towards caution and preparedness or indifference, but also a greater capacity to handle difficulties and for detachment.

The fears and stress in this case have not damaged the personality but rather hardened and strengthened it, or served to detach the mind. The houses, planets, etc. The beneficial effects of Anapha, Sunapha, and Durudhara Yogas are lessened and some difficulties crop in when the Moon is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu.

How important are Yogas in Vedic Astrology?

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