Benefics and malefics in astrology

Mars is not supportive for fathers health but may prove good to get inheritance.

Benefic planet

Venus with Jupiter will bless the native with good spouse. Venus with Moon will bring good amount of wealth for native provided Moon is strong. Venus in 7th house will create Malaviya Yoga and if Venus is well associated then full effects of Malaviya Yoga will manifest. Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 10th and and exalted Ketu in 3rd and exalted Rahu in 9th house will confer good results to native, provided their depositors are well placed.

When afflicted and weak Venus may bring the significations of the 6th house. Venus in ascendant, aspected by Yogkaraka Saturn will push the Venus, to bless the native with all good effects of Malaviya Yoga. Venus association with Mercury is also good provided both are strong, if weak it may cause problems to father. Venus association with Moon is good and with Sun it will boost the finance of Native. Mars association with Venus can cause severe health troubles unless Saturn is aspecting them.

Jupiter association with Venus is not good for Libra Ascendant natives and may cause issues in family, relationships and finances. SUN : Being lord of 11th Sun is not a auspicious planet for Libra Ascendant and with planets like Mars and Jupiter, it can cause severe suffering in its period.


Sun may provide financial gains especially when aspected by Saturn. Mercury association with Saturn and Moon is a Raj Yoga. Weak Moon or affliction by Jupiter over Moon is not desirable for smooth career. MARS : Mars is a maraka here and should not be associated with Jupiter or nodes for health of native. Mars afflicted by Jupiter can cause delay and disturbed marriage. Mars association with Venus ,Sun ,Saturn or Mercury is good for independent business. With strong mercury, mars will provide opportunities for aboard travel. Mercury associated with Saturn creates Raj Yoga. Its association with Venus is also good provided both are strong.

Mercury with Sun can bless the native good finance and abroad sources of income. Mercury with Moon is a good Raj Yoga for getting good status, provided Moon is having sufficient paksha bala. Saturn if strong and well placed will bless the native with all round success in life.

Its association with Moon, Mercury, and strong Venus will bless the native with all good things in life. Saturn in ascendant will create a strong Sasa Yoga which is remarkably good for Libra ascendant native provided Saturn is well placed in D Rahu- Ketu in axis and in axis will confer good results to native, provided their depositors are well placed and are aspected by Saturn.

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MARS : Being lord if 1st and 6th house, Mars here brings same kind of confusion regarding its role for Scorpio ascendant. Mars with Jupiter or Moon will make Raj Yoga and will confer the native with honor,wealth and health. Mars association with Mercury, Venus and Saturn is not desirable for health and family issues.

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Mars in ascendant will create Ruchaka Yoga and when aspected by Jupiter or Moon,Mars will bless the native with all good results if Ruchaka Yoga. SUN : Sun being lord of 10tb house is capable for producing good results in its dahsa. Sun will create grand yoga with Moon and best results will be when Sun and Moon are in mutual aspect, here Moon will be having full pakhsa bala.

Sun association with strong Venus can bless the native with abroad ventures and if Moon if involved there,then frequent abroad trips will happen. Sun association with Jupiter will bless the native with good relationship with father and will help the native to achieve good status in life. Sun and Mercury union,which is quite common to see will help the native to get easy gains but is not for health of father and native himself. Association of Saturn with Sun is not desirable and will make native to work hard for success in life.

Their association will make relation sour with father.

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Moon with good paksha bala will bless the native with good relation with mother and deep understanding of religion. Moon association with Venus will bless the native with good spouse and married life and is good for abroad trip too. Moon association with Saturn is not desirable for health and relationship though it will bless the native with good finances and comforts. With Mercury,their union will be good for financial gains but will affect relationship with mother. Mercury if associated with Saturn will create obstructions in all areas of life.

With Mars and Jupiter Mercury may bless native with material gains but personal life of native will suffer. Strong and well placed Jupiter will bless the native with progeny, gains from speculations and success in education during its Dasha. Jupiter with Moon is a good combination for fame and success in all spheres of life.

With Sun Jupiter period will bring good status in its period. Rahu association with Jupiter can result in love affairs from other caste. Saturn will provide good results only when it is strong and aspected by Jupiter, Moon or Mars. Saturn association with Sun is not desirable for the elationship with father. VENUS : Venus being lord of 7th and 12th is a maraka planet for Scorpio ascendant natives and requires assistance from Moon, Jupiter or Mars to give good results for its natural and house significations. Moon with Venus will bless the native with good spouse and abroad trips.

For Taurus Ascendant

Venus in 7th will create Malaviya Yoga but good results will pass only when Venus is strong and well aspected. For business, Venus here should be associated with Moon, Jupiter or strong Mars. With Sun Venus will provide abroad source of income.

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  • Exalted Rahu in 7th and exalted Ketu in Ascendant is also good provided Mars and Venus are strong and well aspected. Its mooltrikone sign falls on Ascendent which makes Jupiter a benefic and its association with Mars or Sun creates a Raj Yoga. Jupiter with Venus or Saturn is not good for health and relationships of the native. Jupiter in the Ascendant and 10th house will create Hamsa Yoga and if strong and well aspected, all results of Hamsa Yoga will manifest in natives life. SUN : Being lord of 5th house Sun is capable of producing strong results on account of abroad travel, father, favor from govt and good status.

    If weak contrary results will pass. Sun association with Jupiter and Mars will generate Raj Yoga here and if strong will bless the native with success, financial gains, and harmony in relationships. Strong Sun will give interest in religion and spirituality and native will share a good relation with the father. Moon here if weak and aspected by Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu will create obstructions during its dahsa.

    Weak moon association with Venus and Mercury is not good for the longevity of native. Strong moon in the association of Jupiter, Mars, and Sun will help the native to gain sudden gains and will bless the native with good longevity. MARS : Mars being lord of 5th and 12th is a benefic planet and will bless the native with good status, progeny, freelance work and abroad travels.

    Mars, when associated with Sun and Jupiter, will create Raj Yoga for native. With Sun, luck will smile on native in its period and all round success will be observed. With Jupiter, Mars will confer reputation, status, and success in abroad countries. Mars association with Saturn will delay the childbirth and marriage. Saturn here will prove bad for love affairs and will affect your relationship with the father. Moon association with Mars will make one good in occult science. With Mercury, mars will push the native for entrepreneurship and if both are strong, then abroad studies are is bound to happen.

    Mars with Mercury is good for finance but will affect progeny and education negatively.